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Systems Administrator, Kubernetes

San Francisco, California
Job Title: Systems Administrator, Kubernetes / Research Computing
Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Type: Long Term Contract

Job Overview

The Systems Administrator, Kubernetes / Research Computing (SPCA) will work closely with architectural leaders and systems administrators to provide systems automation, DevOps, container orchestration and informatics programming, on both premise and cloud based hosts. The SPCA will collaborate with researchers to enable and optimize their application pipelines for Data Science and graphics processing either on-prem or on-cloud. The SPCA will play a key role in developing applications and procedures to help improve systems operations efficiency. 
Required Qualifications
• Bachelor's degree in related area and five years of related work experience, and / or equivalent experience / training
• Five years of experience with systems automation scripting in at least one of the following: bash, perl, python, puppet, ansible
• Must have two years of direct experience with using and deploying cloud based solutions (AWS or GCP)
• Linux systems administration experience including: automated OS provisioning, software updates and package management, user accounts management, filesystems and access management, compiling software and kernel modules, versioning, environment modules
• Experience with containers (e.g. Docker, Singularity) and orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes)
• Experience working in a production environment providing systems administration / engineering support for clinical / health sciences systems and familiar with data security and compliance for HIPAA
Preferred Qualifications

Certified on at least one cloud vendor platform at the associate level (e.g.: AWS CDA/ CSA)
• Experience with configuring, deploying and managing batch queueing systems for HPC clusters such as SGE, LSF, or Slurm
• Five years of experience working in a systems developer / programmer using at least one of the following: Python, R, Spark-SQL
• Experience with installation and integration of tools and software (such as compilers, scientific applications) in a shared cluster environment (e.g. modules)
• Experience using configuration management tools for cloud infrastructure (e.g. Puppet, Cobbler, Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform) in a production environment
• Proficiency with using source code version control systems for continuous integration and testing methods (e.g. git, svn)
• Experience with MySQL: installation, data extracts and loads
• Experience with developing systems monitoring dashboards (e.g. Grafana, Prometheus, Tableau) and using monitoring tools (e.g. Nagios, Ganglia)
• Familiar with HIPAA compliant services for cloud platforms
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